Hello, I'm

Rick Ono

// MIT Class of 2023

// Course 6-3, Computer Science


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Candidate for Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering (6-3)

Expected spring 2024, GPA: 5.0/5

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (6-3)

Minor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences (9)

2019-2023, GPA: 4.7/5

MIT Coursework

6.5820: Computer Networks (current)

6.5830: Database Systems (current)

6.1060 [6.172]: Software Performance Engineering

6.5120: Formal Reasoning About Programs

6.S050: Programming Language Design

6.1120: Dynamic Computer Language Engineering

6.1800: Computer Systems Engineering

6.031: Software Construction

6.046: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

18.404: Theory of Computation

6.036: Machine Learning

6.003: Signal Processing

6.004: Computation Structures

6.041: Probabilistic Systems Analysis


Phillips Academy, Andover

GPA: 5.4/6, ACT: 36

Work Experience

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Robinhood Markets

Backend Software Engineer Intern

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Zaya Health

Fullstack Software Engineer Intern

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MIT Media Lab

Undergraduate Researcher

Mobile + Backend Engineer

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Boston Children's Hospital

Computational Neuroscience + Machine Learning Intern

Robinhood Markets

Backend Software Engineer Intern

I worked on the Internal Tooling Platform team at Robinhood and worked on two full-stack projects.

My Responsibilities

  • Built a tool for agents to attach a communications action to custom buttons, that sent templated email and app communications, empowering agents to automate communications with no engineering involvement.
  • Created a saved search feature from the ground up to allow agents to create and manage search filters for an internal case management tool.
  • Diagnosed and repaired bugs in the internal component library and database migration setup.


MIT Varsity Lightweight Crew

MIT Varsity Lightweight Crew

NCAA D1 Captain

Elected captain of the MIT Varsity Lightweight Crew team.

Represented MIT in the first varsity 8 at the IRA National Championships.

Phi Sigma Kappa, Omicron Chapter

Phi Sigma Kappa, Omicron Chapter

Vice President, Recruitment Chair, Social Chair

Elected vice president of my fraternity of 75 people, responsible for maintaining the physical house. Assigned chores to members, and coordinated with contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc.

Elected recruitment chair, organized a full one-week $35,000 event and led daily rush meetings with the entire fraternity (50+ members).


I enjoy working on side-projects in my free time to express my creativity and expand knowledge about new technologies.

Technologies I'm comfortable with

What I'm learning now

Preview of the Timbre Music app.

Three JS, OAuth, Spotify API

Timbre Music

Navigate a procedurally-generated landscape to discover your new favorite tracks and curate your perfect Spotify playlist.


Node JS

Three JS logo

Three JS

Mongo DB

Framer Motion

Preview of the Lying Wordle app.

React, SQL, Tailwind CSS

Lying Wordle

Everyone's favorite puzzle game, Wordle... but with a twist. Can you outsmart the computer?





Preview of the Ono Laboratory app.

Next JS, Static Site Generation, Framer Motion

Ono Laboratory

The MIT Stable Isotope Laboratory homepage.

Next JS

Framer Motion


Preview of the Rust+WASM CHIP-8 Interpreter app.

Rust, WebAssembly, Javascript

Rust+WASM CHIP-8 Interpreter

The CHIP-8 is a simple programming language made to make video game programming easier on rudimentary computers, and WASM is a promising technology still in its infancy.